The Master's Program

We prepare Christian leaders to change their world & build God's Kingdom through their irresistible lifestyles and influential works of service. More

Angels for Higher

Our vision is to transform the pro-life, special needs culture of the sports stadium at a time. More

Between 2 Trees

The ministry ignites passion, affirms commitment, and deepens intimacy through a blend of a retreat with your spouse and relationship coaching. More

Burke Leadership Project

"You can lead and still have a life," extols Dale Burke. If you are a leader, trying to build a marriage or ministry, contact Dale to attain visionary, effective leadership. More

CROP Ministries

Christian Rite of Passage Ministries is led by Mark Martinez as focuses on Christian education for young teens. More


We help college students and others intellectually consider the stories and motivation of three brilliant academic scientists who decided to put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ as adults. More

Good Word Ministry

Bob Kraning provides consulting, keynote speaking, education and teaching using biblical principles.

Gospel Patrons

John Rinehart proclaims God is generous. And God invites us to reflect Him and give generously to advance the message of Jesus. More

Huffman Project

John Huffman leads the organization in this Christian ministry.

Leadership TraQ

We are a leadership firm that provides consulting, keynote speaking, and coaching to organizations, teams, and businesses in order to develop leaders. More

Life Support

Paul Cunningham provides Christian ministry, mostly to men, at critical decision points in their life.

The Wild Adventure

Enjoy an assortment of fly fishing adventures on a privately owned ranch while hearing what a Wild God has to say about your life in Christ. More

Assisting in the birth of new Ministries

When a Kingdom leader decides to change this world, like a light in darkness, Priority Living, Inc. helps reduce complexities by leveraging internal resources to reduce external risk during the start-up phases of their mission.

New ministries need help during the foundational years their mission is being established. Where it makes sense, Priority Living helps these ministries during this initial period of incubation. Priority Living, Inc is a 501 3(c) organization.

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Come spend 90 minutes with Bob Shank to hear more about this unique opportunity. The decisions that follow may change your life forever...

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